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Soul Calibur Ghost!

So I've been meaning to tack this on here for a while. I made everyone's favorite blue gal through the Character Creation on Soul Calibur 3.

The Creation Mode has it's limits, so I had to take a few (ok, more than a few) creative liberties with her outfit...but I got it as close as I could, and if you kind of squint your eyes and turn your head to one can sort of see it!

The pics are just me taking pictures of my TV with a digital camera. Apologies for the blur. I let the computer fight itself while I took the pics.

One Quasi-Ghost. SC3 Hsien-Ko.

Check the claws. Hehehe.

The Greek Girl is going DOWN!!!

And in this corner...wearing the red and blue...

*slash! chop!*

Round 1 goes to Leilei!

It's a clean sweep! Told you Sophie was gonna get KO'd.

If you happen to want a Chinese Ghost of your own for your SC3's the recipe I came up with.

Slot - Item - Color

Head – Beret – 36,19
Hair – Medium Straight – 28,04
Chin – Blush – 03,20
Lower Torso – Scorpion Suit – 23,21
Mid Torso – Chaser Robe – 36,19
Waist – Wizard’s Belt – 11,20 / 36,19
Upper Legs – Baggy Pants – 23,21
Feet – Kung Fu Shoes – 36,19

Face 2
Eyebrows - 06,04
Lips – 07,22
Eyes – 28,18
Skin – 28,18
Underwear – 01,18 (default)

She's on the Dancer template, so that gives her access to Soul of Voldo...and thus the Cat Claws, which fit her very well, I think. :D

Now I can beat on people with Hsien-Ko in TWO fighting game series!
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